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Please TELL SOMEBODY if you or someone you knows are victims of sexual abuse/molestation/rape! ...

At the age of 8 yrs old, my mother's boyfriend began to molest me. It started with him giving me attention because he saw that my mother didn't give me any. Bob would buy me things like candy and give me money. He used to promise to take me places. Bob started off with just touching and rubbing on my butt. By 9 yrs old, we would give oral sex to each other. I never told my mother because he had threatened to kill my mom and brother. I never had any support so I continued to keep it to myself. At 10 yrs old, his touching and oral sex wasn't enough so he started putting his fingers inside of me. Bob probably would have had anal sex with me but he was impotent. Feeling disgusted, I told my teacher, whom told the school nurse whom contacted my mother and the police. My mother beat me once we got home. She beat me with a metal shower rod that left bruises all over my body. While beating me, she told me to never speak about this again, and what goes on in our home stays in our home. Not only was I afraid of her, but she made me afraid of everyone else. I learned then to keep my mouth closed. After that, two of my second cousins had intercourse with me at age 10. I said nothing. Then 7 of my brothers friends used me as a sex slave starting at the of 11/12. I still kept quite. On December 27th, 2011 I TOLD SOMEBODY! I told the world in both of my books #EyesWithoutAFace & #HowItAllHappened This man was once a boy with no voice. Today, that boy is a man and I'm telling my story! Enough is Enough!

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Congratulations to The L.A.D.Y.Inc & SSNC #MkeSpartans Youth Football Program for having an amazing season both on and off the field! Today, our two youth football teams who participate in the #QHSL went head to head with their opponents in efforts to win the Championship Trophy. Unfortunately, our Pee Wee team (ages 6-8) went down by 1 point with a final score of 12-13. They played hard and it was no easy win as the score remained at 6-6 into overtime! And Congratulations to our Juniors (ages 9-11) who are the 2015 #QHSL CHAMPIONS as they brought home the trophy with a 26-6 final score! Thank you to all of every single soul who has given of their time, and their dime! We especially thank our coaches, parents for helping us do our part to LOVE AND DEVELOP YOUTH! ...

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Way to bring in home coming. She did that. #BeastMode ...

CHECK THIS OUT! Cheerleader Mikayla Clark celebrated homecoming at Westlake High School by breaking a WORLD record! Mikayla completed 44 consecutive back hand springs -- the old record was 36 in-a-row. Mikayla's big accomplishment deserves a BIG HIGH 5 SALUTE! More here:

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