Is College for You?

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Good Morning Young people. Today I was just thinking about my college years and wondering if any of you are REALLY going to college? The mouth says a lot but actions make things happen. I just wanted to ask you a few realistic questions about going to college. And if you can answer them well, you’re ready. If inside, you know you cannot answer the questions, you have LOTS of work to do. College is not hard, but it is also not a cakewalk (easy), and its also a business so when you pay if you don’t get anything out of it, that’s your fault.


1.  What do your grades look like? What is your g.p.a.?

Remember that colleges look at your transcripts meaning your grade record from 9th-12th grade. Have you shown any effort? I would say that a high school A is equivalent to a C+ in college if that. You will be doing work on a higher level. College is not high school.  You’re going to have to get that together if you’re not working hard to maintain decent grades.

2. Do you do challenging work at school or are you okay with just “passing?”

Some students reach for the stars while they are in school, while others just do enough to get by and pass.  Well I have a surprise for you: SLIDING BY DOESN’T WORK IN COLLEGE! you actually have to do some work. And Guess what? Practice makes REALLY GOOD! However, if you don’t practice the life skills and academic skills you need to succeed, you are giving yourself an unnecessary hard time. What do I mean by practicing life skills? That means getting yourself up everyday, which will help you build a pattern to get to class, and work on time. Also communication skills will help you communicate well with your professor (college teacher), and even your boss at work.  Academic skills that need to be practiced is studying, challenging yourself, revising your work and turning in the best work you can. You will do fine, just start working hard toward what you want.

3. Do you study at the last minute, or even study at all?

Studying at the last minute is called CRAMMING and it really doesn’t work all the time.  How do I know? Because I tried to cram in college and it really didn’t work and the worst feeling in the world is me failing myself.  The good thing about college is you get a syllabus which usually outlines most if not all of your work and assignments will be for the semester or quarter.  This gives you an opportunity to get a head start on some of your work.  Start early so you can remember what you need to for quiz & test time. I would recommend studying your notes about 15-20 minutes EVERY NIGHT!

4. Are your friends focused on their education and goals?

Having friends who are not focused on their education can steer you away into activities that take you away from achieving your goals. BEWARE of partying on nights before you know that you have a test, quiz, or final exam.  A good friend is a friend that will set up library or dorm room study sessions with you and then go out and celebrate good grades with you or one that will simply wait until you’ve finished studying to invite you out.

5. Are you dating someone that is focusing on their education and goals?

Relationship & personal drama can have you mentally/emotionally drained and unfocused. I cannot tell you how many people I know who dropped out of college and had to pay back money because of an UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP they CHOSE TO BE IN!  I even remember having family drama that was interfering with my being focused, that’s when I knew it might be a good idea to move into the dorms, or find an apartment with a roommate. Remember that a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP would never have you compromise your goals and dreams, or take you away from your studies. In fact, a healthy relationship involves a person that is in 100% total support of you and your educational goals.

6. Have you done research to figure out what classes, and what process you have to go through to get to your profession of choice?

Remember that talking about what we want to be when we grow up, or where we want to go to college, or even daydreaming about what life will be like when we achieve or goals IS THE EASY PART. The part nobody likes to discuss is the PROCESS of becoming what you want to be. There is ALWAYS a process and the process is different depending on the person that’s going through it, because some people push harder at their goals and dreams than others. My suggestion is that you do RESEARCH  to find out what the process is like.  There is a process regardless if whether you want to be a sanitary collector ( Pick up trash & recyclables) and work for the city, or a doctor. To be a collector,  there are often exams that city workers must take.  If you want to be a daycare teacher or even a doctor there is a process and also things you have to go through  to obtain those credentials as well. Please do some research and ask yourself this question: CAN I MAKE A COMMITMENT TO MY OWN PROCESS? If you can’t then you should think about a career that fits better with what you know you will do!

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