Peer Pressure for Teenagers During High School

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What Parents Can Do

Telling your teenager not to give into these peer pressures will have little or no effect. Your teenager equates his popularity among his friends with his self worth. The more insecure your teenager is, the more likely he will give into these pressures to be accepted and popular.Threats and punishment by parents put additional pressure on teenagers. Now they face the pressure from their peers on one side and the threats from their parents on the other side. Trying to avoid or ease some of the pressure, teenagers may avoid contact with their parents or lie to them.

Instead, you should recognize that fitting in and not being called a looser is very serious and important to your teen. Convey to your teen that you understand the pressures she is facing. Offer open discussions about situations and incidents – without the threat of punishment or judgment. This will encourage your teenager to talk and lead them to trust you for advice about specific issues they are facing. By openly discussing the pressures they are facing with you, you will have a chance to voice your concerns and your opinion. Your teenager will be far more receptive to your suggestions if situations are discussed peacefully.

Be open with your teenager about all forms of sexual intercourse. Explain that there are other reasons not to become sexually involved too early. Besides worrying about pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, remind your teenager that they also need to consider their pride and self respect.Christina Botto has been involved with helping parents and teenagers resolve complicated issues for more than 14 years, observing and developing parenting strategies. Her dedication to helping parents inspired her to write her book, ‘Help Me With My Teenager! A Step-by-step Guide for Parents that Works.’ Christina continues to help parents and their teens through her website where parents can find her book, news articles pertaining to teenagers as well as a community board for parents to find events and parenting articles, ask parenting questions, and to share amusing or successful stories about their teenagers.

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