An Award Winning Website that Inspires Youth!

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L.A.D.Y. Inc Online, Has Once Again become an Award Winning Website For Youth!

On Behalf of the L.A.D.Y. Inc team, I would like to Congratulate Ethan S. Lin, for winning the Media Communications Association International (MCA-I) WAVE Award for his submission of his redevelopment of the L.A.D.Y. Inc  website this past summer! Ethan worked hard most of the summer to program, design, and complete our new website, which was launched in July.  Shortly after, Ethan also designed and presented us with an updated logo for L.A.D.Y. Inc.  This is Ethan’s 3rd award for his website work with L.A.D.Y. Inc. He is a driven and hard working professional who deserves this award!

Ethan began his relationship with L.A.D.Y. Inc in 2009, completing a year as a L.A.D.Y. Inc I.P. (Intern Professional) as a Web Development Coordinator Assistant.  Since then, Ethan has been a member of L.A.D.Y. Inc’s Professional Advisory Board serving as a Professional Adviser to L.A.D.Y. Inc. the area of Web Development. This year Ethan worked closely with Executive Director, Angelique Sharpe to enhance the L.A.D.Y. Inc website in areas that cater to the needs of youth, and brings services to them in an educating, engaging, and empowering way!

The Media Communications Association International is a global community of professionals devoted to the business and art of visual communication. The Madison Chapter chapter serves Madison and the Greater Wisconsin regions. They are professionals who work in video, film, distance learning, Web design and creation, and all forms of interactive visual communications, along with all associated crafts. Their members create programs that use visual media to convey important messages and information for corporations, small businesses, agencies, non-profit organizations, the government, education, the medical field, broadcast and cable television. Some members of MCA-I include SONY ® , and Production Hub.

**********************CONGRATULATIONS ETHAN!!!!***********************

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