The Law & You: Teens Turning 18

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From Marcus to L.A.D.Y. Inc,

“Dear L.A.D.Y. Inc, I am turning 18, and I want to know what kind of things should I expect since I am grown now.”

From a L.A.D.Y. Inc Motivational Coach to Marcus:

Dear Marcus,

Happy Birthday, and Congratulations on turning 18! You are officially considered a legal adult, according to age. Also, being an adult is a lifestyle. Some things will work themselves out over time, and there are things you can do now to start adjusting to adulthood.

You now have certain new rights, and responsibilities, and you are held completely responsible for any choices you make.

Here is a list of some of your new rights:

* You are no longer under child labor laws, and can now work a full-time job, and are no longer required to attend school. Although we encourage you to graduate, and further your education.

  •  You can legally make a will
  • You can make a contract
  • You can get married without your parent’s permission
  • You can vote- you can register at your high school before graduation. Otherwise, you can register to vote at the driver’s licensing office (DMV).
  • You can do jury duty
  • You can get medical treatment without your parent’s permission
  • You can get your license
  • You can get your own apartment
  • You can join the military (army, air force, marines, navy, national guard etc)

Hopefully, that sounds pretty good to you. Before, your parents were responsible for taking care of these things for you, but now that you are 18, your parents or guardians are NOT required to support you anymore. So, if they still support you, keep a healthy relationship with them.

Also, if you get in trouble with the law, your case will automatically be sent to adult court, and you will be sent to adult jail or prison if you are found guilty of serious crimes. You can also get sued if you made bad contracts with people. Remember, before you sign anything to do the following:

  • Read it through carefully
  • Make sure u understand it
  •  Cross out parts of the contract that conflicts with your agreement
  • Write in parts of your agreement that are not in the contract
  •  Dont be tricked by friendly or intimidating salespeople
  • Make sure you have a complete, signed copy put away in a safe place.

Also Marcus, all male citizens and male aliens of the United States must register for the military draft either 30 days before your 18th birthday, or within 29 days after your birthday.

Remember that 18 does not mean that you can drink, it is illegal, and you dont want to mess up your criminal record, and driving record for drinking and driving. Driving is not a right it is a privilege, so dont mess that up!

It sounds like you are ready to start doing what it takes to embrace your independence and your adulthood, just remember these important things, and to make responsible, and proud choices!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


L.A.D.Y. Inc Motivational Coach

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