Nine Sexually Responsible Behaviors

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Being sexually responsible has many benefits. It allows you to lower your risks of sexually transmitted diseases, having a child prematurely, or having the chance of being in an unstable relationship.

Below are nine behaviors that are sexually responsible:

1) Stay Informed: Keep up to date on birth control, condoms, STD, social issues, and even legal issues. Check out websites, read the newspaper. Be a fountain of accurate information.

2) Think: Make informed decisions ahead of time. Set goals. Ask yourself questions like:

– What do you want to be doing next week? Next year? Next decade? (Your goals will help shape how you choose to handle sexual relationships in your life, especially if pregnancy is not an option for you in the immediate future).

– How would a pregnancy, an STD, a break-up or a new romance affect your plans?

– Is a sexual relationship the right thing for you right now?

– What kind of STD protection and birth control makes sense for you?

3) Get to know the relationship between your brain and your body: Powerful sexual desire wakes up a part of your brain where your inner party animal lives. It’ shouting, “Yes! Now! More!”. That’s why you need to plan ahead and stay in touch with the thinking part of your brain that’s carrying your convictions.

4) Communicate with your partner: What are your partner’s plans and dreams? What does he or she want this moment? In the next year? If sex is going to be part of your relationship, be sure to have that conversation about STD and pregnancy prevention before things start.

5) Get friendly with condoms: This is one of the most important sexually responsive behaviors. Get familiar with condoms and how to use them. Practice with them before actually having sex, so that you are aware of how they should work. Blow them up, fill them with water, unroll them onto something. Get a good feel for how condoms handle. Then you’ll be ready when the real time comes along.

6) Learn the difference between “yes” and “no”: If you hear “no”, then you stop. If you hear “maybe”, then you stop. Even if you hear nothing, then you stop and check it out. Make sure any “yes” is absolute and certain. Learn to communicate clearly too–with your voice, your look, your attitude and your behaviors.

7) Leave mind-altering substances alone: Drugs and alcohol (including beer) mess with your mind,  weaken your resolve, and make it harder to use a condom. That’s a bad combination in a romantic situation. Take the opportunity to be clear-minded when dealing with sexual related situations.

8) Be creative: There are lots of ways to experience sexuality besides having sex. Romance, intimacy and fabulous physical feelings can be acheived in many other ways that don’t put people at risk for STD or pregnancy.

9) Stay healthy, be happy: Sex works better when you’re fit, happy, and not too tired. So does making responsible decisions and following through. Pay attention to your mind, heart, and body,a nd enjoy every minute you can.

Engaging in these nine sexually responsible behaviors will assist you to live by the values that matter to you. You will also set good examples for your friends, because friends really do carry strong influences between one another. Also, you are taking the best steps possible to protect yourself, your partner, and your future.

Derived from ETR Associates.

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