About Us

Who We Are

L.A.D.Y. Inc is an IRS federally recognized 501c3 Milwaukee-based non profit community organization that specializes in Youth Services delivery programs.  We focus on innovative and creative ways to implement evidence/research-based strategies and programs that engage and educate young people. Understanding that there was a clear necessity to build community support structures for the rising rate of teens facing adult situations, L.A.D.Y. Inc. was brought into existence.

Our Mission

L.A.D.Y. Inc’s Core mission is to increase the self-efficacy and self-reliance of teen parents by providing resources that help stabilize the family unit. Our secondary intent is to assist all youth in making wise decisions, and to support those who are direct and indirect stakeholders in their future. Our services include reality-based programs that develop character, cultural & community awareness, enhance their understanding of fiscal, civic, and legal responsibility, and expand their knowledge of teen pregnancy prevention, and risky behavior.

Our Vision

Is that young mothers and fathers will complete their education, and be responsible adult providers for their families. We also hold in our vision the sight that all youths coming through our doors will make proud choices and be inspired to be a better person tomorrow than they are today!

Our History

Founded by Ms. Angelique Sharpe, in 2008, L.A.D.Y. Inc is a realization of a vision spurred by a project from her undergraduate study years at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.