Fundraising & Events

L.A.D.Y. Inc understands that without funds and support, we would not be able to sustain. Therefore, we would like to invite you to become a L.A.D.Y. Inc Angel, or a L.A.D.Y. Inc Angel Investor.  Our Angels help us continue on advancing toward our mission L.A.D.Y. Inc does a year-round fundraiser by allowing community supporters to donate online anytime.

L.A.D.Y. Inc is an IRS Federally Recognized 501c3, and all contributions are tax-exempt under all state and federal tax laws.


We also accept check, cash, money orders, and gift cards via our P.O. Box at:

L.A.D.Y. Inc
P.O. Box 11851
Milwaukee, WI 53211.

If you have any fundraising ideas, questions, or financial support for L.A.D.Y Inc programs please call or email Rachel Zollicoffer-Whyte at or 414-588-2509

Below is a list of upcoming fundraisers that you can support.

September 2011: Please support the L.A.D.Y. Inc Making a Change Station program. As the cold weather is nearing, we to help keep young people warm! The L.A.D.Y. Inc Making A Change Station  is a free clothing station where we store weather appropriate attire for teenagers whether living at home or homeless & teenage parents and their babies.

October 2011: We begin a Fundraising $500 for our college readiness power breakfast

November 2011: Please support the L.A.D.Y. Inc Making a Change Station as it the cold weather is nearing and teenagers whether living and home or homeless & teenage parents need weather appropriate attire for themselves and their babies.

December 2011: We are currently pushing our end of the year donations/fundraising campaign. Any contributions made on or before December 31st, qualifies as an exemption under all state and federal laws governing 501c3 tax laws.

If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor for one or more events, please email us at: