L.A.D.Y. Inc. Motivators™


The L.A.D.Y. Inc. Motivators Program is a comprehensive Youth Development Program that offers Youth Outreach Service Delivery Programs to the Greater Milwaukee Area. Our program comes readily equipped with adult male and female mentors that we call L.A.D.Y. and M.A.L.E. (Maturing And Living Exceptionally) MOTIVATORS. Our L.A.D.Y. and M.A.L.E. Coaches work with youth in schools, faith based, and community based organizations. We provide motivational speaking, educational workshops, L.A.D.Y. Inc. SisterCircles & Brotha2Brotha discussion sessions, and much more! Each year we also hold an annual L.A.D.Y. DAY Conference for teen girls, and a M.A.L.E. Excellence Symposium for teenage boys. Our services include programs that develop self -awareness self-confidence, financial literacy and security, cultural awareness, the arts, and civic/legal knowledge.

If you would like more information about this program please email us at: motivators@ladyinconline.org