L.A.D.Y. Inc Swagger Stop™


We have just launched a new community program dedicated to acknowledging the best trendsetters and positive role models for teens. Each week, we hold a contest where we showcase outstanding teens who have been nominated to be a L.A.D.Y. Inc Swagger Status Student! Students chosen to receive the L.A.D.Y. Inc S.W.A.G. award will be recognized on our website, and facebook page along with their S.W.A.G. Story. They will GLAZE on our website all week long. After their time is up, they will be automatically be inducted into our L.A.D.Y. Inc Swagger Status Student Hall of Fame, which is a list of names that is permanent listed here on our website.

Q: What is a Swagger Status Student?  A: they are: Students With Awesome Gifts (S.W.A.G.).

Q: What do we look for?  A: We look for confidence, a positive attitude, and a desire to succeed in life. This is what we call The total package!

WILL YOU BECOME L.A.D.Y. Inc’s Next Swagger Status Student of the Week?


If you or a teen you know is deserves the L.A.D.Y. Inc S.W.A.G. award:

  1. All teens must be at least in 6th grade, and have a Facebook® account.
  2. Because this is an online award, all teens must be a friend of our facebook fan page. This can be done by pressing, “Like” on our fan page here: https://www.facebook.com/LADYIncOnline. This is where we will announce all winners.
  3. Please send us an email us at: motivators@ladyinconline.org and tell us why you, or a student you know deserves to be recognized here.  We will consider all candidates and contact the chosen candidates.
  4. Please include the following information: The name of the person, organization, or business nominating the student, and  the name and contact information for the student, or their guardians.  (We will still contact all parents and guardians).

Good Luck & Be Sure to Check in at our L.A.D.Y. Inc Facebook Fan Page to Find out who is our next winner!

LADY INC Swagger Stop Hall of Fame

Mr. Robert Randolph Jr.