L.A.D.Y. Inc Making a Change Station™

The L.A.D.Y. Inc Making A Change Station is a donation stockpile of in-kind items that we give away to teenagers, and their babies/children, and adults as available. We want to keep teens and their young ones properly clothed, and warm throughout the year’s seasons.  Additionally, we offer departments of the Station strictly for items that teenagers need such as clothes, shoes, and personal items. We accept donations of items all year round. If you or someone you know has donations or needs items please email us at: change@ladyinconline.org


L.A.D.Y.'s Cubby Children

Our baby Wish List Items Include:
Wet wipes, pampers (all sizes), training pants, underwear (must be new), toiletries-(toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, shampoo, powder, baby bath wash, petroleum jelly, diaper rash cream, comb, brush etc.) blankets, Pacifiers, Bottles, formula, socks, onesies, long underclothing, all size kids clothing, shoes, snow suits, coats, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, ear muffs, diaper bags, toys/stuffed animals, books, etc.


Our stockpile of in-kind items for teen girls ages 12-18, donated by community members just like you! We help teen girls and teen moms obtain their basic needs such as clothes, hygiene, and hair care products.

L.A.D.Y.'s Closet

Our teen girls Wish List Items Include: Hygiene products (deodorant, sanitary napkins, tampons, feminine wash/wipes, body wash/soap, etc.) hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, styling sprays, gel, pins, clips, rubber bands, hair decorations, hair grease), socks and panty hoses for girls, underwear for girls (must be new), bras (all sizes from training bras- adult bras, bras can be used), lightly used and new clothing (hoodies, sweaters, turtle necks, coats, jeans, dresses, boots, shoes flats) NO HIGH HEELS PLEASE, new and unopened lip care products (i.e. bees wax, carmex, blistex, lip gloss, NO MAKE-UP PLEASE), etc.


We offer a stock pile selection of various items for teen boys and fathers. These are items serve as wardrobe support by providing them with needed items to support their academic, and professional life by adding to their wardrobe such as providing them with: coats, clothes, shoes, suits & ties, sweaters, and sports wear etc.

M.A.L.E.'s Closet

Young men and teen fathers wish list includes:  clothes for all seasons, t-shirts and tank tops, active wear, winter clothes such as coats and jeans, casual work attire (suits, ties, slacks, and casual shirts), underwear (must be new), socks (can be used), shoe, facial razors (must be new), shaving cream, body wash, hygiene products and hair care products and/or samples, etc.